TF Card/USB support
Stereo FM Radio
Rechargeable battery 1800 mAh
Play time: 6-12 hours
AUX in- and out connector

Bluetooth Alarm Clock

The right time is easily readable in sunlight and even in dark because of the big LED display.The stereo FM radio has outstanding quality thanks to the high sensitivity built-in antenna . The built-in rechargeable accumulator ensures long play time.Connection types:USB, AUX, or wireless bluetooth connection.In-built speakerphone function.

– Újratölthető akkumlátor: 1800mAh
– Rechargeable battery 1800 mAh
– Performance: 2x5W
– Regharge time:3 hours
– Play time:6-12 hours
– LED Display
– TF Card/USB support
– AUX in- and out connector
– Stereo FM Radio
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